Disposable Medical Use 3ply Customized Face Masks

Disposable Medical Use 3ply Customized Face Masks

Raw material of single use face mask is nonwoven fabric, which consists of a double layer of nonwoven fabric sandwiched with a filter layer and a mask belt. The mask is equipped with a nose clip made of flexible material.For clinical medical personnel or related personnel to wear during the invasive operation, covering the user’s mouth, nose and jaw, to prevent pathogens, microorganisms



  1. Series:individual or non individual packing is available
  2. Specification:water prick non-woven,polyproplyene non woven fabric
  3. Function&Characteristics:BFE≥95%,blocking droplets,dust,pollen
  4. Color:white,blue,black,pink colors can be customized
  5. Fabric weight:25+25+25g
  6. Executive stabdard:EN14683,Chinese standard


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