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Quality Face Mask Manufacturer in China

We have been working as a face mask manufacturer in China since 2002. However, we have experience of more than 18 years specializing in the design, development, and production of disposable non-woven and plastic goods, surgical dressings, and medical tools. Therefore, all of our products meet ISO13485 requirements and are in a wide range of international markets. Our typical staff count reaches 400, our yearly revenue surpasses USD 16 million. We as the best quality face mask manufacturers, presently export more than 90% of our output to countries all over the world.

We, as a face mask manufacturer in China, can ensure complete client satisfaction. Thanks to our exceptional quality control throughout all manufacturing phases and our well-equipped facilities. Thus, we are close to Wuhan, one of China’s largest river ports with easy access to transportation. We are offering manufacturing premium protective face masks that put comfort and safety first as a reputable children disposable mask provider.

Best Quality Face Mask Manufacturers and Suppliers

We, as the best quality face mask manufacturers, have established ourselves as a dependable source of premium face masks. Thus, created to satisfy the various demands of our consumers globally thanks to years of experience and cutting-edge technology. Every face mask we, as face mask manufacturer in China, create is subjected to stringent testing. Thus, to guarantee that it meets the highest standards for effectiveness and safety. We use premium materials and strict quality control procedures in our products.

Even when used for a long time, our highest-quality face masks are made to be as comfortable as possible. We, the best quality face mask manufacturers, focus on features like a secure fit, breathable fabrics, and soft ear loops or headbands. Since we know that a pleasant mask is more likely to be used regularly. No matter if you require masks for home use, professional usage, or industrial situations, our selection of products provides outstanding protection.


Why should I wear a face mask?
Wearing a face mask helps prevent the spread of respiratory droplets, protecting both you and others from infections.
Can I reuse a disposable mask?
It’s recommended to use disposable masks only once; however, if necessary, store them in a clean, breathable container and avoid touching the front.
How often should I wash a cloth mask?
Cloth masks should be washed after each use with soap or detergent in hot water.